Saturday, July 12, 2008

All in the name of Fun....

My son had a friend spend the night last night. They have been friends for years, he's vacationed with us, and we always enjoy having this friend over. We didn't do much other than go to the local ice cream shop before watching movies.

Today, we decided they need to burn off some energy and the threat of storms are looming. We took the boys to the BMX track at the county park, trying to "beat the storms". Blue slushies and lots of hard peddling later.....they had a ball!

After watching them go up and over the hills with such ease, I started to think to myself, "How fun does THAT look!?" Then the dangerous thoughts.... I'm not THAT old. I've still "got it"... (you feel it coming don't you? ......I wish that I would have!!) So I ask my son.... "let me see your bike!", only to hear "NO Mom! Please don't!", with the voice of worry for his dear 'ol Mom. And off I went.

Going down is much easier than going up, I tell you! Once I not so gracefully landed, I found myself wedged between the seat of the bike and the handle bars. And oh my poor left wrist! My mother just broke her left wrist a few days ago...... I guess I just didn't want her to be pain alone.


Iris said...

OH NO! You didn't break your wrist too did you? I hope you're okay. I'm sorry but that picture of you laid out on the bike is hilarious. I remember one time I thought it would be fun to ride my brother's bike over to my Grandma's house with my cousin. The boys made it look so easy. By the time we finally made it we felt like it had been ten miles instead of one.

Anonymous said...

Oh my.......this is hilarious!! I wish I had been there.....I really hope you are ok, after all you will be 39 soon........omg!!

love ya

Sandy..... said...

Yeah....Thanks guys~! lol (it *IS* pretty halarious!) No, no break, just a little hurt pride and soreness.
I have my hubby to thank for "capturing the moment".