Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm still here

I haven't posted in almost a week. It's been a crazy week! Our son and grandkids have been over every night this week, up until about 10pm. I love having them over, but that seems to have thrown my entire routine off balance.
My hubby has had some very political issues at work and as a result had been home all week as well. It's been great coming home at lunch and having a home made lunch courtesy of he and our son. On the days I didn't come home, we met for lunch.
Again, this week has just been an .... odd week for me.
I don't "blame" any of this, and admit, I have simply not had any streak of creativity in me at all.
Next week I won't be posting at all as we are going on vacation! Yay~! I need to decompress so bad! Every year, we and two other couples/families, rent the same cabins, right on a lake. The cabins are stocked with pots and pans, cable TV, a fishing boat and life jackets for each cabin. It's a time to do nothing at all but relax, Bar-B-Q, fish, swim, go bike riding and reflect on what great friendships we have with each other. All of our kids thoroughly look forward to this week every year!
I plan on taking, of course, a book and my art journal. I'm also taking my new moleskine journal, freshly waiting to be filled and some basic art supplies.
I'm sure I will have plenty to blog about when we come back!

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