Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back to the Bricks

We had a great day today. Downtown Flint, (which is paved in bricks on the main strip) had a "Back to the Bricks" car show today. My husband suggested we go down there and check it out as our son really enjoys looking at old cars, too. Wow! Were we surprised! The entire downtown area was packed! The entire strip of Saginaw street was filled and all the little side streets off it, too.

There were vendors, live music and all the little cafes were bustling with people. My son and his friend even had the opportunity to sit in a drag strip car, which they loved! They really enjoyed seeing the 69 Chevelle's that Dad has always wanted and of course were enamoured with all the cars loaded with extras.

We had lunch in a cafe' ......

And I of course found my favorite car, too! How cool is this?! I just HAD to take a picture.

Then, one of our older sons called, and unbeknown to us, they were at the car show, too (and of course is always a good day when we get to see our grandson, too!) So we finished off our day strolling down town together.

If anyone knows anything about Flint, Michigan, it's a city in dire straights. I think the city is #2 on the nations list for worst crime, as result of the most home foreclosures and an unemployment rate that is also in the top five in the nation. The city really is neat if it would just come back to "life". The business are fleeing and the buildings are falling apart. As the city makes it slow and monotonous attempts to revive it, it was nice seeing the huge turn out of people for the event.

I'm working on my soul journal this evening as we have a late dinner in front of the T.V. and will post my accomplishments in it tomorrow.

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KayakChickee said...

It saddens me to see the decay of cities in our state. A few years ago we drove through downtown Detroit and marveled at the incredibly beautiful architecture that is unfortunately falling apart. The city doesn't have the money to take down the vacant buildings nor the money to save the historic ones. Here on the west side of the state; we thought we were immune; but alas, the decay and crime are happening here too. I love downtowns and I love this state. I could go on and on and perhaps I will be in my own blog. I won't take up the room here. Thanks for sharing the event in Flint and also a small insight for those not familiar with that city. I pray for the people and leaders of our state and country. Make sure you vote this November!!!