Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Soul Journal - Lost and Found

I completed my lost and found journal prompt and this one was really emotional for me.

The background started with blue acrylic paint, then washed with a yellow, and finally I used distressed it with brown distressing ink. Taken from one of the prompts from Sarah's journey, I put a blob of orange paint on the page, closed the book, opened it again, and let it dry over night.

The border items.. the "otello" snaps and vintage girl were sent to me in some swap mail I received that day, the string, I found on the ground at my son's football practice (and we tell our kids not to pick up garbage!! lol how funny is THAT?), the stamp was given to me by a co-worker who knows I collect cool ephemera and the buttons and zipper I had laying around the house.

The leaf, as instructed in the prompt, has reaffirming comments on it, that were taken from comments other blog readers have left me. The "lost" is sort of personal and is covered with butterfly velum because I don't want to be THAT easily read.

I like the border, it was fun doing it, and I'm happy with the overall layout, too!


Mar said...

the overall page is gorgeous.
i like your leaf
good idea covering with vellum for 'privacy'
the message whispers through
giving a nice effect...
i like the softness of the page...

PCarriker said...

What an inspiring journal page. I just love it! Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm glad you 'found' me as it gave me a chance to see your lovely blog. Your name is in the hat!

morningDove said...

this page is very beautiful as one of your statements on the leaf say - you are beautiful, confident and a great artist. "Leaf" all the bad stuff behind. I've never tried the blob of paint, close book and see what happens. That sounds like fun!!

Linda said...

I love your lost and found page. The composition is good as are the colors. I love what you said about not picking up garbage. Right now I have pieces of broken tail lights and all sorts of washers in my purse. Things I found in my walks around the neighborhood.

Kim Mailhot said...

This page is very beautiful, Sandy. It has a gentle strength in it.. the strength it takes to let things go perhaps ?
The treasures you included are so lovely too.
Beautiful job !

Anne said...

Hi, Sandy! I really like these pages. I like the fact that you used string that you found on a "Lost and Found" layout! The leaf is very pretty, too, and speaks to me of the cycles of life.