Friday, October 17, 2008

Love the weary

A friend of mine often writes poetry and song lyrics. I was thrilled when she asked me to read something and wanted my opinion of it. It, and she, is amazing. I cried when I read it.

I feel a journal inspiration coming on......

Mama made a baby
Daddy went to jail
He drove her crazy
Like a hammer drives a nail

An all-American boy
Rose from the dirt
Went away to the navy
Came home in a skirt

He said Mama can you still love me
Even if I’m gay
She never answered the question
And they still aint speakin today

Somebody needs to love me
Somebody needs to love you
Butter-side up or butter-side down
Somebody needs to love him to

Silver-spoon fed Juliette
Found her Jer-Romeo
Put a bun her the oven
Left her all alone

She said daddy can you still love me
Let me dance at your ball
But the king don’t raise black babies
Inside the castle walls

We've got to…

Love – the weak and the weary
Love – the strange and the scary
Love – the bald and the hairy
Somebody got to love them to

Christians don’t like Muslims
Muslims don’t like Jews
My God don’t like your God
Nor the path you choose

So they lead them to the ditch
By staff and by rod
Shoot one by one
Till they pray to another mans god

1 comment:

Mar said...

this is an amazing poem...I see it definitley as a song!

very strong message in there everyone should hear!