Thursday, October 23, 2008

My son's wedding

I haven't seemed to have time for much posting, or art, or reading, or much of anything for that matter.

My eldest son (step) is getting married THIS Saturday! Of my three step-kids, he is the last to get married. Wasn't it just last week that I was cleaning up vomit as his little round face pouted with fever and wasn't it just yesterday that we sat at the kitchen table with a distraught little boy trying to learn the math principles? They grow up so quick, don't they?

His brother, now married for almost 3 years, has two children. His sister, now married a month, with a step-daughter of her own. The eldest is the last to get married and now he too, will be a step-Dad of two.

All three of them were raised in our home and I hope every day that I have given them a good base, or example, of what being a "good" step-parent is all about. About never trying to "replace" their parent, but being close to them and there for them at every turn, on THEIR terms, when they...are ready. About never disgracing or belittling their natural parent. About the balance that is needed in not being "too strong" with them and yet not allowing yourself to be walked on....because of. I hope they see that it's about being in it for the long haul and albeit kids may not understand things in their young years, when they grow up, they will see how much you love them. They will see what a blessing and honor it has been to have those kids in their lives. And despite calling you by your name, when you overhear the conversation with their friends, and you are refer ed to as "Mom", or you get that phone call of desperation, needing your advise, or they get that hug that lasts that extra three seconds with a "thank you" or an "I love you".... that it all comes full circle.

I've made a lot of mistakes. I regret a lot of things. I have made a poor example in some areas of my life.... but these are the things I can only pray that I have taught..... my children.

Now the youngest.... "our" son.... He's 11 and I'm locking him up in a closet until he's 40. That's not considered abuse is it? I'll still feed him, I promise!!


bLu eYd YoGi said...

what a SWEET post~ bitter sweet! have a wonderful time at the wedding~ you sound like a GREAT mom! lucky kids! and YES! you should lock the little one up until he's 40 :)
oh my dearest Sandy! THANK YOU~ SOOO MUCH! (and i'm glad i didn't scare you away with my angry-pissed-off-bad-language :)
i DO have an etsy shop~ i will just use it MORE now :)
thanks for your love and support~! and can i hear it loud & proud from the back row???
"hey EBAY! you can kiss our ASS!"
ha! now~ i'm on a roll :)
and by the way~ i always wonder HOW & WHERE to respond to a comment~ do i do it HERE~ or do I go to YOUR blog & leave it there???

morningDove said...

Remember to enjoy the wedding day. Treasure, cherish and reflect then celebrate a new thing in your life. My son was married this year in April, 21 yrs young, I received a precious DIL, who happens to live next door now. I too have one son left at home, don't think we can lock them up until.... Each day is a blessing and gift from God to be given away. Sounds like you have been an awesome, imperfect (as we have all been) mom. Congratulations on this wonderful Satur-day. Like God on the last day of Creation - sit and rest in knowing you did your best.

Linda said...

Hope you have a wonderful day Sandy...just be happy. Hope you can join in with one of our challenges very soon.
Linda x

Linda said...

Congratulations on getting three new family members... The more the merrier right?

Enjoy the wedding and then get back here and create. :) No really, have a great time.

morningDove said...

how was the wedding? any pics yet?

Anonymous said...

great wedding day, shared with lovely people making wonderful memories MOM