Sunday, October 19, 2008

Soul Journal - Doodle

My complete Doodle prompt for my soul journal. This was fun for me. I had a really awful day at work, and when I got out at 5:00, I had to run home and pick up my son for football and be at practice by 5:30. (mind you...that means, drive home, change myself into something comfy, make sure he is changed into all his football gear, get the water bottle packed, the asthma inhaler, be out the door again and to practice all in 1/2 hour) By the time I got to practice I was whipped! Once it got too cold for me, I sat in the car and "doodled".

It's not real pretty, or artistic or anything, but the way I see it, is it marred and has marks and imperfections, that make up a beautiful whole piece, much like we are as humans. I am trying to learn to see past those marks to the quality and beauty of the the whole thing in all of us, and everything I encounter.
(wow..... that was a lot deeper than I had anticipated!)

Anyway.... Thank you Kathryn, I enjoyed this one, too!

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morningDove said...

oh I love this piece!! the tree is a figure of a woman; i can see her dress and adornment with the branches and leaves. She even has a ribbon in her hair. You may be in a rush, but you know how to dress and what is most important in being adorned - God's love. Her face tells all with the captivating eyes. This is really a great piece including the cross. Very deep.