Sunday, October 5, 2008

Soul Journal Permision Slip

As I continue the soul journal, here is the last pages I completed, "Permission Slip". I really enjoyed this one. I like how it turned out; the colors, the entire layout and of course searching myself for the things I need to allow myself.


Mar said...

read your permission slip often and move out of your funk
///(me patting you on the back)
little charlie does that
he is 1 1/2 and he will pat pat and tell you its okay

get cre8tive and let the seasons do its thing while you do yours
i like all the textural looking paper you used for the exercise
i hope to see you more often now that you are getting back into things

KathrynAntyr said...

I love the colors of your page and permission slip. It is beautifully done.

I know the funk feeling. By commiting to publishing regularly for the Soul Journal group, it keeps me moving. Sometimes my funks happen when I'm tired, sometimes it is hormonal. I give myself permission to feel the funk and then pull out some supplies and start doing, even if I don't feel inspired. By making an ATC or some other quick project, I start to get my groove again. Organizing some supplies is another way to push through the funk.

I'm happy to see your work. Please don't feel pressured from the SJ group - there really are no deadlines. Create at your own pace.

Oh, one last comment: I like the permission to feel joy. Why would we deny ourselves this? Strange thing is we do. Thanks for remembering this important permission.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pages, love the colours! Believe and be free!!! ~HUGZ~
Joy >i< (Sending you some 'joy' from Joy!!!)

purplecat said...

Hi Sandy, lovely pages!
Hey I have just tagged you! go check out my blog for details!!!

LaY hOoN said...

This is such a lovely spread ! I like your permissions to be confident, which is so true for me. But when I making art, with all the sweet comments and support from friend from blogland, I feel my confident level is increasing.

Jennifer Roberson Williams said...

Hey Sandy, Oh, you are going to hate me - I just tagged you too. Check out my blog page for details!!

Jeanne said...

I love your permission slip. That looks like a great book. Will have to check it out. Have you seen "Life is a Verb" also very interactive and gives one much thought for putting more joy into your life.
Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am lucky my DH encourages me. He bought me my camera and always jokes "I've created a monster". But in a good way lol

Anne said...

Hi, Sandy! I love love LOVE your soul journal permission slip! It's wonderful! Thanks for sharing it! :-)

And thanks for stopping by to comment on my drawing of my water goddess!