Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scraps and Journal Pages

Last night I wanted to complete the next two journal prompts, but when I sat down at my table, the incredible amount of "scraps" that I save, were really starting to BUG me! This is not near as much of what i have, but they are thrown into several different locations, by no sort of organization. So! i begin separating them. Fri st by patterned paper or solid paper. Then I put them into separate areas, with the really small pieces in zip locks so they don't make a mess like they were! I was surprised how long this took me! I think I worked on doing that for about an hour - hour 1/2. Isn't funny how that little, piddly stuff can just run into a bigger project than intended?
When I was done with that, I at least started on the next two journal prompts, getting the backgrounds done. I really like the orange, but I think I like how they are going to be two totally different prompts, but the colors I've done, will tie the two together, making it a little easier on the eye, despite they are going to be unrelated!

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