Friday, February 6, 2009

Hubby is Home and I'm Spreading my wings~!

Ok....I'm a BAD blogger.....and I need to give you guys an update!

My hubby came home last Friday and we've gotten a week of "recovery" under his belt. He's doing really well. Let me say again... he's doing REALLY well!! lol. Actually, I'm having a hard time holding him down and keeping him from doing too much. He's energetic and talkative, full of future plans and just generally happy. Having him home for a week...and being that energetic, I told him...... honey.... "You're DRAINING me!" lol.

That's a good thing, though. Been a long time since he's been hopeful and energetic. Thank you for all of the words of encouragement.

So.... on one of those days in the passed week that seem to have all blurred together..... we made a trip to Barnes and Noble and I bought Kelly Rae Roberts new book, Taking Flight.

I'm going to begin the journey with Teri and a group of other great ladies and I'm looking forward to stretching out and spreading my artful wings!

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Iris said...

The girl on the front of that book looks a LOT like the work DJ Pettitt does on her blog ( Am I missing something? Are they the same person or just inspired by the same book?

Oh and I'm glad to hear your Hubby is doing well! :)