Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taking Flight Project and OWOH gift

Last night I began working on the project from Chapter One of Kelly Rae Roberts book, Taking Flight. I am going through the book with a group a girls in the ning group.

The project required cutting the covers off of two hard cover books. Well... when my son was in.... oh..... 4th-ish grade, the school was getting new history books and when school out for summer break, they let the parents take the old books. I wish I would have know then the great uses and fun I could have with them and I would have taken more than one!

Anyway! I didn't have TWO books, but this Michigan book was large enough, that I could cut the covers in half, still giving me 4 "pages" to work with. So that's what I did.

Then I got busy with the gesso and then collage some papers all over it. Next is the scary part....drawing my girl face! OOO ....such challenges I'm in for. I'm pretty excited about it.

Work was awful today. I have to make up a couple hours due to a long Dr. appt. the other day, so I was in at 7AM...and the day just dragged! I think I yawned about a million times! I was so pleased when I came home though!
(back up a little.... Last weekend I found some really cool flowering teas...of all places...at Office Depot!) So I came home. I made myself a "cuppa" .......and..... AND!!!
The friendship book from Mary at Green Paper came in the mail today, that she so generously gave in the OWOH project! It's so beautiful! It was exactly what I needed today. I really enjoyed sitting for that moment, relaxing, and checking out all the cool vintage papers Mary put in the book. She even included a pocket, made out of an old map, filled with lots of other loose vintage goodies.
I'm off now ladies.... of to watch American Idol! I'm not much of a reality show fan....but Idol... my whole family loves.


Kim Mailhot said...

Sounds like you are having some good creative fun these days Sandy ! How great that you are doing kelly rae's book with a group - that's a great idea ! Can't wait to see where it takes you !

Happy Hump Day !

Anonymous said...

Hey snap!

I got together with a few gals and did exactly the same.. I found the transparent gesso for fabric tags not that transparent..yukky... and ignored the girl face cuz I am not a grrl face painter...but it was lots of fun!

Linda said...

I joined that Ning group and then got involved in other things. I should get back to it.

Your tea looks yummy.

Anne said...

Hi, Sandy! I've nominated you for an award on my blog. Click through my name to see it! :-)