Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beautiful Morning

What a beautiful morning~! It rained last night and it's supposed to storm all day today, and when I woke up, there was this mist that covered the front yard when I looked out the window. It just looked so peaceful with the sun trying to poke through that mist.

Most of all, hubby and I both slept trough the entire night without waking up! I actually had some time last night, too, to work on a couple scrap book pages for a "swap" we are doing at work. I really like how this one turned out.
Let the storms come....cuz I feel good today~!
Ok.....that's two posts in a row that begin with Beautiful....I need to explaind my vocabulary horizon!!
I have no idea how to post a you-tube video yet......so I'll give you the link...


mistie said...

Hey fellow Michigander!
Nice to meet you. :)

Iris said...

Yeah we've been getting nightly thunderstorms here too and then it's UNGODLY hot and humid the next day. Makes my hair look fabulous. And by fabulous I mean frizzed out to about 1 foot from either side of my head. -sigh- I give up trying. lol

I like your scrapbook page. A nice assortment of browns. I always like white polka dots on brown. There's something classy about it.

Is that a video you made or just one that you're linking up to? If you want to have it show up in your post then copy the "Embed" info on the sidebar. Then past it into your post. It might show up in the edit as a garbled but of letters and numbers but if you hit "preview", blogger should sort it out and make sense of it as an embeded video. :)

Sandy..... said...

Thanks Iris.... I don't know why the picture came out so dark....it's actually black w/a tan polka dot....black and tan mats for the pictures and burgandy embellishments.

The video.....it's a youtube video I'm trying to link. I actually tried that first, and I kept getting an error message when I tried to submitt the post.... I'll keep trying though.

Iris said...

Hmm...did you copy all the embeding info? I've had that problem where I've missed the other half and then it goes wonky when I try to put it in posts.