Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pancake Saturday

My dear husband gets up early on Every Saturday. While he lets us sleep in, he makes our son and I, pancakes and sausage. Our son gets pancakes with chocolate chips in them, and I get blueberry pancakes.
Sometimes I think it bothers him, that he does that every weekend, and isn't appreciated for it. I love it that he does that for us. He knows that I am the epitome of lazy bones on a Sat. morning and he knows that our son looks forward to "Pancake Saturday", and when *I do* finally decide to roll out of bed, I get the newspaper for him, for all the neighbors to see my Medusa hair-do and squinted wet eyes....
I am very grateful for both him, and his pancakes. Maybe I need to learn to be more gracious.

Why am I writing this??? I'm hungry!!!!!

I would love to have his pancakes right now.


KayakChickee said...

I saw your comment on Suzi Blu's blog. Your blog is just getting started! Just wait until you figure out all that you can share! I LOVE blogging and though mine is not like Suzi's; I love it all the same. Have fun. Where in Michigan do you live?

cuteartworld said...

Now this would be absolutely the cats meow to actually see! Got any Pictures of that Story. The Medusa. hair I would love to see that!
Your blog is going to be really great "Give us some visual" you are a terrific writer!

Iris said...

Hi Sandy.

Saw your comment over on CuteArtWorld's blog and thought I'd pop over. I've been blogging for awhile now but I'm getting ready to start a personal one too to show artwork and such. If you're still in need of tips on how to do pictures and HTML stuffs I can help. What did you have in mind?