Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Coupon organizer

I wasn't feeling real creative tonight, but still wanted to stay occupied and "make something". I decided to try and make a coupon organizer. I was fun and quick~! I made both of these within about 30-45 minutes. Maybe now I will be a little more disciplined with clipping coupons now that I have a beautiful organizer to keep them in!

I wish I would have enforced the flap with card stock to make it more sturdy when tying it shut, and I also thought, of course after I was all done with them, that I should have used an elasticized closure, so that it could be connected to the cart, while shopping. Oh well.... it was my first attempt and very on the whim.

Let me know what you think.

(front) (back) (back side of coupon envelope)

(front) (back) (back side of coupon envelopes)

(and finally, the inside of the coupon envelopes)


Carol said...

Cool! great to meet you, hope to see your soul journal soon. It doesn't take too long out of each day, it is realy fun, and enlightening, i have learnt loads.

Wyanne said...

That's a great idea for coupons! It's so pretty, I'd have to remember it was in my purse full of coupons. I tend to forget I have the coupons, after spending all that time cutting them out. Maybe that's why my husband does all the grocery shopping now. :) Love, Wyanne

mistie said...

Hi Sandy...
Thanks for stopping by to visit :)
Your coupon book is very clever! Very Cool. Those kinds of things make you an artist too, ya know ?

Sometimes we are so close to our talents that we don't appreciate them for what they are. I know you weren't asking for a "pick me up" but I know what you mean, I HEAR you, because, I think those same thoughts sometimes myself.

hehe. I love your "Medusa Hair".