Thursday, August 14, 2008

Soul Journal - My House

Sarah's "my house" prompt asked us to build our childhood homes by drawing them first, making a pocket in our home and draw some of it's surroundings. This is simply symbolic and although kind of similar, really doesn't look like our house.

My father used to (and still does) constantly sing. The music notes above the house symbolizes his singing. My childhood home was only three houses from the high school where the marching band always practiced in a large field and my Mom loved it that she could sit on the porch and listen the music each school year. I never realized how much music surrounded our house.

My brother and I had a dog. Piper. Our first and only childhood pet. Of course emigrating from Scotland, my Mom kept a lot of "tartan" things around the house and Piper used to have a tartan blanket that she slept on.

"The Yeglic's" were our neighbors. I used to sneak next door and ask Mrs. Yeglic for a cookie (since my mean Mom would NEVER buy anything WE liked!). Mrs. Yeglic would invite me in and we would have casual conversation. After asking again for a cookie, she would ask me what the magic word was. After completely avoiding the fact that I was asked to say please and in my own way refusing to do so, I would sometimes sit for an hour, and talking about nothing until I finally gave in and said, please.

At the grand old age of eight, I had decided that I was "too big" to call Mrs. Yeglic.... "Mrs. Yeglic" and yet too young to call her Julie. We had all happily agreed she should be called "Mrs. Julie." My parents became pretty close with the Yeglic's and they even traveled back to Scotland with us at which time "Mrs. Julie" held me during my panic, as we teetered on the side of a mountain, as a semi truck tried to pass us on the narrow road. Mrs. Julie has since passed away and I still have the dishes she passed along to me when I was only...probably 16 yrs. old.

I really enjoyed doing these pages and here is where I am at, now.

~Tomorrow I will work on my paper dolls to go inside the pocket of the house.~


Mary S Hunt said...

Great story full of memories...lovely artwork too

Linda said...

These pages are looking good! And how wonderful that they've brought about so many happy memories for you.
Linda x

seth said...

Your soul journal is looking wonderful. Thanks for showing the before and after photos on this spread. Thanks also for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

KayakChickee said...

I just started checking out the "soul journal" blog and will have to start doing this myself. I think I might like her approach better than SuziBlu; more focused, if you know what I mean. Thanks for sharing what you've been doing with it.