Thursday, August 7, 2008

Soul Journal Day - This book belongs to!

I've just recently found Sarah Whitmire's soul journaling challenge and was immediatley interested. When I saw it, I thought of my brand new 5x8 Moleskine that's been sitting patiently on my craft table, yelling out my name to be put to use.

The first prompt was "claiming our journal".

I began last night and here are my first few pages. I was extremly motivated last night, going to bed with thoughts swarming my head of the next few pages since of course I couldn't help but "read ahead". I planned to come home from work today and get a t least two pages done.

Now the bad part.... I woke up at 4AM with this horrible, God awful back pain that brought me to tears. What in the world could this be? My back hurt, my belly hurt, MY BACK HURT! I toughed it out in the bath tub till morning and after today's Dr. visit... apparently I have a 3x5 mm kidney stone. Boo~! I've never had one before and I guess it's a big enough one that the Dr. is worried I won't be able to pass it, and I have an appt on Monday to have it removed. (If I make it that long w/out needing the E.R. room!)

So anyway.... in my.... "not so painful" moments, I am still going to work away on my new Soul Journal. Hopefully it will keep my mind off the pain. Hope you enjoy the pages so far.

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Mary S Hunt said...

well...i sure hope that stone is done with and gone!!!
are you feeling better?

the pages for soul journal are turing out awesome!