Thursday, August 7, 2008

Soul Journal - Creative Armour

I worked on Sarah's "creative armor" page. Ok, I think I screwed up... I made my page #1, on the very first page when you open my journal, making page #2 and #3, laying next to each other. Reading ahead in Sarah's prompts, I see that wont work, as I will need two page layouts next to each other.

All is good, though. I just made my "Protective armor" entry as two pages. I'm not done yet, but I like how it's turning out so far. First.... ME! In my beautiful armor dress and the second page, a traditional suit of armor. Here is what I have so far.


Iris said...

Heya lady! I'm curious about this soul journaling blog you're talking about. Can you just paste the URL in the comments section and I can copy it?

Man...I was only gone a few days but I have SO much blog reading to catch up on. Hope your vacation went well. I'll talk to ya more later.


Mary S Hunt said...

i enjoyed visiting your blog
you say it like it is i like that
you were quite brave to try and tackle that hill by bicycle
and pancake mornings byt the husband
are awesome
you are a lucky girl!

your sj pages are turning out great!

it is a fun exercise that i enjoy
and i really enjoy visiting the other journalers involved..
even though i began at the beginning
i am still playing catchup...

i think that when i made sarah's link within the post on my blog
i just referred to sarah...then put and it automatically adjusted to become a link
because i sure don't know the mechanics for html...!