Sunday, August 31, 2008

Soul Journal Misfits & Self Portrait

I've been a bad blogger..... I have no excuses. I'm just simply not motivated.

Here are the beginning stages of Sarah's Misfit prompt. I'm not finished with these. I don't know what else I'm going to do yet, I just know they aren't done.

And here is my journal pages of Sarah's self portrait. She asked to begin with writing beginning "Today I feel" and also so a self portrait strictly by finger painting. The picture of these is poor, but it's kind of cool looking at the left page. Some of the highlighted words that stand out are strong, unafraid, define, learned, suffer, grow, God's child, stumble, survive and accomplish.

I wish I felt some of those things today.....

I'll post the finished misfits when they are done.


purplecat said...

Thanks for my birthday wishes! I have just had great fun listening to your music- Love the music by casting crowns- glad I dropped by!

Anne said...

Hi, Sandy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment! :-)

I like how your Soul Journal is coming along! I have to get back to mine. *Sigh.* There are just not enough hours in the day!!!

I really like your self-portrait page. It's amazing how we can feel so strong and accomplished one day, and not the next, isn't it? I hope your self-portrait page will help you remember that you ARE all those things, even when you're not feeling that way.

Jane B. said...

I love the picture - it came out really well! The shading is hard to get when just using finger paints - literally. Keep up the great work! Jane