Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Art book from Suze~ Yay~!

Thank you again, to Suze! I received my Art book in the mail today and what a beautiful package. Everything about it was great right down to how it wrapped! Suze wrapped it in old vintage "newspaper" looking paper, with stamps and tags on it, and even her own postage!

I loved the "newspaper" so much, I as being very tactful in how I opened it, in hopes to save the paper, right? I mean, how great would it be to make more art out of Suze's generosity? So I carefully cut away at the paper and opened my box in great anticipation. Once opened, I was pleased to see that the art book was loosely wrapped in the same great paper! Making my way hrough the box, I found an envelope, thanking me for visiting her blog and it was filled with some wonderful goodies!

and now.... the prize.... the Art book. I love it! I don't know how much more I can say about, other than, I just love it.

Thank you Suze..... Your art and your kindness are both appreciated!


Linda said...

What a wonderful prize Sandy! What will you use the journal for?
Thanks for your good wishes...I'm looking forward to some sunshine!
Linda x

Connie said...

That art book is fabulous!! I'm so jealous of you right now!!!! Lucky duck!

Peace & Love.