Monday, September 15, 2008

What a weekend!

Rain Rain go away!

Wow! What a wet weekend! It rained on Friday. It rained on Saturday. It rained on Sunday! I've never seen it rain, that constant, for that long! All I could think of was those poor people in the hurricane regions. I know how yucky and depressed and lazy I felt this weekend, but that absolutely cannot compare to what a lot of people are going through!

Saturday, my son had a football game. Of course the boys love sliding in the mud and getting dirty, but they did loose. They worked hard though and had a great attitude! We are now one WIN and one LOOSE. We'll see how the rest of the season goes. My Mom and Dad actually came out to brave the puddles and wet bums on the bleachers with me! Alex normally doesn't have too many people come watch him, so he was glad to see there! Dad's clothes looked 40 pounds by the time we left!

Soul Journal.....

So I finished off gesso-ing all around my family, getting as close as I could without touching or smearing the ink. I used a que-tip and got in between all the little spaces, as best I could. Then I just used a cotton ball dipped in acrylic pain and "sponged" a sky. The rest is colored pencils and the writing is in Permanent marker. It's not what I originally had in mind... but all considering, I'm fairly happy with it.

I also finished my reflections page. I think the favorite technique I learned was the magazine stencil. Along with opening up my creative flow, learning and helping me to create something every single day, I felt .....invigorated. Free, I guess.... so the female figure sort of gave me that feeling and I had to use her!


Saturday, when we realized the rain was just not going to let up, my son and I headed for the Block Buster! My his definition, we rent a movie for Dad, a chick flick, and a video game. So we rented Stop-Loss; a movie about a soldier who had already done two tours of duty. On his day of "release" he is informed that he has just been assigned to a third tour and cannot go home as anticipated. This was a little bloody for me, but still a good story.

The chick flick that I decided to rent.... ha-ha (no pun intended).... was RENT. I watched this movie years ago, and didn't remember too much about it, but after seeing a post on Suze's blog about Rent, I decided to watch it again. What a good movie! I cried, I laughed, and a cried again! This is a musical and unusual for me to be that emotional for a musical.... but I loved it!

Well since I rented two movies and a video game, I had a coupon for a third on to be rented for free. Well..... rain - rain - on it's way - I'll be in for two more days......

So I also rented Smart People. This was a really good movie, too! I liked the sarcastic humor in it! I totally relate to that! (unfortunately, I can be a bit a smart a** myself). The ending left you feeling like you wanted more....but over all. I like it.

The far....this weekend has to go to RENT~!

Have a good day chickies!


Linda said...

I love your reflections page Sandy - it turned out really well.
Your doors are also very inspiring - ooops, I forgot to do that page.
Linda x
PS Must go and rent 'rent'!

Anne said...

Yay! I like how your family page turned out. Fabulous!