Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Canvas

This is only the second canvas I've worked on and on Monday night I base coated it with a leaf green acrylic paint. After that, I had collaged some dictionary paper, some maps and some lace, and covered that lightly in gesso. On top of that, I did a wash of russett brown and let it dry overnight.
The dictionary text had the word trust, trusty, trustworthy and other variations. I've always been drawn to map paper, too. I'm not sure where this is headed, I'm just doing it as I go.

Last night when I went back to it, I very sparingly put a light wash of the same leaf green. I brushed some metallic amethyst on some bubble wrap and "stamped" that on the canvas. That was a lot of fun! I've never used bubble wrap before and I really like how it turned out especially being that I used a metallic paint. It didn't take long for that to dry and then I stamped some flourishes on it and this is where I'm at so far. The picture really doesn't do it justice. The buble wrap circles are really pretty! They sort of shimmer a light purple and you can't see the green "base" to the background very well, but I'm really happy with it!

I spent the rest of the night on my belly, on the living room floor watching, "The Shield" and sketching a woman on water color paper.

Have a good day everyone~ ! Yesterday is over and today is a whole new opportunity!


PCarriker said...

Oooo, very nice!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

thanks for your comments Sandy! i needed that! i'm on my way to starbucks RIGHT NOW! ~i HOPE it that extraordinary thing from around the corner gets here SOON :)
i 'm not sure how much more of this i can handle!
HUGS to you sweetie-pie-sandy!
p.s. your painting looks amazing~ what a process, eh? what layers & detail...can't wait to watch it UNFOLD~
love to you~

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Sandy !
Sounds like you have been having some pretty rich and fulfilling family events these days ! Congrats !

The painting is coming along so beautifully ! Don't you just love how metallics can add such a depth to pieces ? Keep up the great work - you are definitely on to something here !
Cheers !

Kim Mailhot said...

By the way, Thanks for your encouragement about my new shop ! It is much appreciated ! :-D

BumbleVee said...

Brave you.....I am still terrified of attempting to even buy a canvas.... silly me, I know....