Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wedding News

As reported earlier, the wedding went very well. Our son asked my husband to be his best man. How awesome is that? I don't know of many young men who would choose their father to be their best man. What an honor that was for my hubby.

Jessica also explained to me that Nolan's mother has her own role as "the mother of the groom" and I have been such a large part of Nolan's life and so supportive of her, that she would also like me to stand up for her. I, too, was honored.

This being said..... since we were both in the wedding, I had to trust my camera to somebody else and ....... the pictures are awful! I have floor and elbow shots! The pictures that are of full people, look like a big blur. So! It will be a little while longer, until I gather pictures from other friends and family before I have anything to share.

The ceremony was beautiful. They were married in the church that we all attend as a family.

The groom ~ Nolan's mother read a small scripture, and his sister (23), sang. She has an amazing voice that makes me cry just at it's sound, let alone that she's singing at her brothers wedding! Nolan asked that his middle brother (25) stand up for him, and his youngest brother (11) light the candles. The position I was standing in with the bridesmaids made it possible to see all those silly faces he made to Jessica, the serious ones, and the lovingly mouthed... "don't cry", as he wiped her tears during the song his sister sang. I had a really hard time holding it together!

The bride ~ Jessica was beautiful! She was proceeded down the isle by her 3 yr old daughter and her nephew, and then walked down the isle by her father. She had two long terms friends, myself and her sister-in-law stand up for her. Apart from nerves grabbing hold of her mid vows and needing the pastor to repeat a few things, she did very well.

The reception ~ Dinner was made by Jessica's family and was absolutely fantastic! My brother & sister-in-law came from out of state and my cousins from out of town. It was so good seeing them. I wish I would have had more time to spend with them, and sort of felt guilty that I didn't. I was finally able to give Nolan's all of his scrapbook from throughout the years of his life, and made a "blank one" to insert the pictures of their wedding, to begin their lives together. Now I have a new "victim" and will have to teach Jess how to scrapbook!

They are happy with their day and I'm so proud of both of them.

Last night.... with things back to normal, and the house clean again, and laundry on the go.... I just wanted to sit down and create something. ANYTHING! lol. So I sat with a 9 x 12 canvas and started on a background. I have no idea what I'm making at this point, I'm just....creating....and it feels so good.

More on the canvas later.


Mar said...

oh good grief
you made ME cry reading it all
and this song didn't help listening to it and reading

how wonderful for the family
joyously celebrating ALL together the addition of the family branch!
many many wonderful years for the new couple..

morningDove said...

your pics sound like they could turn out to be fun - a different perspective. Something never done before. A collection of elbows, floor shots and add others over them - collages of the wedding.

I picked out the song my son and I danced to during the reception. My opportunity to tell him how awesome he is as a man. Now I am crying - how wonderful this wedding was and now two as one in a new journey - 2gather.