Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just begin

First of all.....where have I been?
I'm not really sure. Here, there and everywhere. Mostly in a dark closet hiding and crying.

I found this poem on the
1000 journal project web-site. I really liked it and thought I would share it. I couldn't read the author's name, so I guess I will say...."author unknown".

Begin..... Just begin
At the beginning...... or the end
Just begin
Begin again.....Put pen to paper or
Set your foot on the road
& follow with another
Make a mark
Start a spark
And tend the fire within
Breathe in
Be inspired
Time is running
Don't let it run out
Time is turning
And doesn't wait.
Clouds drift, sun burns
Rivers flow
things grow and die
Does a bird not sing?
This moment won't ever be, again
So begin!
Just do it!
A chance not taken
Ends in nothing
Listen to your heart
Don't miss a beat
This is it!!
You ARE the answer
And...the question.


Anonymous said...

*sigh* thank ou so much for that poem, it was exactly hat I needed to read right now..love it when that happens..

Kim Mailhot said...

I have been in that closet before (I think I was there yesterday for a few hours, as a matter of fact !)... stuffy, lonely, dark, teary and blah...so glad you poked your head out so we could see that light shine a little.

Love the poem but have to say, when I feel like I am in that dark place, thinking I am the answer sometimes won't cut it for me (don't like myself enough on those days...) but so far, whenever I say "Love is the answer." and then ask myself how love can be applied to any situation, and then take some small step towards applying it,...then somehow, I get through to the outside again and find more ways to shine...
Sending love and squishy hugs to you, in the closet or out !;-)

purplecat said...

I have been in that place sooo many times!! That poem is wonderful thanks for sharing!
I am loving listening to my casting crowns cds, thanks for introducing me to them hugs xx

BumbleVee said...

I don't know anything about being the answer or the question....I'm a much shallower thinker than that. All I know is that when things get really tough.... you just have to be tougher. It ain't easy... I've been to the bottom and back; it's a struggle to get what you want... and, sometimes it begins with deciding exactly what it IS that you want out of life. Then, give a huge pull on those bootstraps every single day pulling yourself along until you get it.... sure we slide a bit here and there..but.. onward and upward I say!

sending hugs


Sandy..... said...

Thanks for all the comments~! but...lol.... the poem wasnt really in relation to feeling crappy...lol
I just liked it and it happen to strike a cord with me in being creative and just....getting up and "doing it".
I love it that so many of you were so supportive! And who ever said bloggers aren't friends!? :)

arlene said...

I'm SO glad to find your blog. I've been hiding for a while myself. You have a beautiful space here to take a little walk in and just BREATH! It's beautiful! Thanks for the lovely time.
xo arlene