Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas stuff

Ok, so seriously.....what have I been doing? Too much to fit into one posting.

Last weekend our family volunteered at church to help pack shoe boxes for
Operation Christmas Child through the Samaritan's Purse. My son's family volunteered last year, but my husband and I did not, and we decided to make it a family event this year. My husband, myself, middle son, his wife and kids, and our youngest son all got there at 9am ready to pack.

What an operation it is! Last year, 1000 shoe boxes were packed and this year's goal was 1200. Brenda did a fantastic job organizing it and now I realize what a year long project it is for her. Each month throughout the year, Brenda will announce what sort of items should be donated. Example: January may be hygienic items, then February may be stuffed animals, and of course September is always school supplies..... you get the idea. Well for a year worth of donations with a goal of 1200 boxes, Brenda's pole barn was full!

One problem...... we're packing ..... on the weekend of.....opening hunting season! Where are all the men that are supposed to help lug all these boxes!? We managed though and had a great time doing so. Tables were set up in assembly line format. First get the hygiene products and school supplies that all kids need, then to the table of the correct sex/age bracket and fill the rest of the box.

We made our goal of 1200 boxes and had them all packed, and on the trucks by 12:00 noon! Woo Hoo~!

Next, my employer takes a big part in volunteering for Operation Home Front who has identified 28 Michigan families who were deployed to Germany with very little notice. they were not able to prepare for their departure very well and for reasons not understood, they are also not allowed to leave their base very often, so they are having a really hard time providing for their kids the way they normally would. We have "adopted" the 28 kids and employees of our great company are buying Christmas gifts for these kids so ensure they know they're home state of Michigan appreciates what their Daddy's are doing for all of us. If this is something you are interested in volunteering with, please visit the web-site. There are lots of different opportunities there.

Lastly....... our daughter has an absolutely, goose bump providing singing voice. She sang around the house constantly, while growing up. She sang with the youth group in church and then as she grew older... she sort of got away from it. She recently sang at her brothers wedding, but really, that's been it.

Well my always willing to sing father, be it in a house, in karaoke, or in plays, was recently in a 1940's vaudeville show at a local theatre. In hopes to encourage our daughter again, I suggested to my Dad...."Hey - the next show coming up - why don't you give Marie a call?" (ok - so I'm hoping the guilt factor will come into play when "Papa" calls her...and she yes...... rotten I

Fast forward.....she said yes - she auditioned for the Christmas Crescendo at the
Pix Theatre and she was accepted! Woo Hoo~!

I've seen so many people, posting pictures of their daily travels lately and I think that's a great idea! I doubt I will introduce my mug to the world yet..... I had hair down the middle of my back and in July... I cut it all off! I mean ALL of it!! I've only cut it once since then in attempt to let it all grow back out I'm still not feeling the hair love and shy away from a lens.....
BUT..... I have a few pictures already of my little area of the world..... that I will try to add to and post next time.

Seeya soon ladies~!

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