Thursday, December 4, 2008

29 days of Giveaways~!

Please visit Art by Chrysti.

She is in the middle of the most amazing act of kindness! Chrysti is giving aways something every day, for 29 days. That's right! And even more than that, everyone who participates, and links to her page, will receive a small gift as well!

If you have a boost of creative energy any particular day - Chrysti is also accepting donations if anyone has anything they would like to give away, if you would like to participate in her giveaway along with her.

Check it out~!


Anonymous said...

now..THIS is generosity..thankyou for telling me about it, too.

wyanne said...

Wow....that's a cool giveaway. Thanks for posting it and stopping by my blog.


purplecat said...

Sandy I have nominated you for 2 awards!!come by my blog and collect them x