Sunday, December 14, 2008

Soul Journal Pages :)

Ok, In my absence yes, I have done a little bit of creating, and yes, I'm a little behind in Kathryn's journal prompts, too. :)
The first page I'm sharing is the "Lexicon" page. We were asked to look through some of our previous art work and look for images that we see continually used, and to sort through magazines and pick images that speak to us as "ourselves". (You know....when you see that sweater or that.... home decor or music, etc...and think to yourself.. "Oh, that is SO me!"?) Well.... this is the finished product. I could have done pages and pages on this prompt, but being that I'm a little behind, I thought I would limit myself to two pages.

The next prompt was "Intuitive". Again, we were to go through our magazines, junk mail, old calendars, etc... and cut out images that appealed to us. We were to do this quickly and sporadically, without much forethought. We were then to collage them and limit ourselves to NO titles, or words of any kind, and this is where I ended.

It's kinds of funny, actually, how this worked out. The left side seems to be my "happy" page, and the right side my "sad" page. Anyone who knows me may see in the images what I mean by this. Again, it wasn't planned or thought just sort of happened. I thought even the choice of colors that I used reflected the same.
I guess there is more to be said about intuition, than I've given thought to!


Christy said...

Great layout on your lexicon pages. Everything flows so nicely and it's a very fun spread to look at. I think your intuitive collage is just what Kathryn intended and you did great.

Anne said...

Hi, Sandy! These are gorgeous journaling pages! Thanks for sharing them. I just love seeing journal pages ... they are so inspiring!

And thanks for stopping by my blog today, to help me celebrate my 100th blog post! I hope you and yours have a fabulous holiday season!