Sunday, January 25, 2009

Soul Journal Background page

I love how this page turned out. Kathryn asked that we spend about two minutes just writing. Boy, I needed that! When I sat down to do it, I was on my lunch hour at work and didn't realize how much I needed to vent.
My writing was all about being surrounded by negative people. You know that choice person in the office that drives everyone nuts? The one who isn't happy unless they are whining? The one who enjoys dragging you into all of their drama? Getting the idea of what vent was? lol.

That of course went on to, all the people outside of work, that I allow to "get to me" with their comments.

That evolved into - "Wait!" "I whine!" "Who am *I* to complain?!" Right? I mean, we all have those days. The days when we are no better than the people we complain about and I decided that I needed to get off my high horse and have patience. I need to offer understanding and prayer for these people. Just as the Bible states, we are ALL sinners, none worse than the other, and that of course is SIN! All I'm talking about a little grumbling!

So I took a breather, took a check list of my equally bad attitude and punched back in with a little calmer attitude. When I got home.... I finished off the page.

It really evolved into something beautiful~ I like the texture the stamp made, and I used green, a color I don't normally use, or like. But I really like this entry. The picture isn't so good, but if you look hard enough, I've even hidden on the right side.... "Turn a new leaf".

oh~! and yes.... my page is "under consturction".... I was growing tired of the black... Be patient with me... lol


Laura B said...

Hi Sandy,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
I love this journal page, it is like layers of your feelings. I'm going to add you to my daily reads list, I need some journaling motivation :)
Laura x

Kim Mailhot said...

This is a nice page - so glad that your venting in your journal allowed you to turn the day around ! Good for you for finding patience and understanding ! It is not always easy to find it but it is definitely the way to go !

Have a cozy night !
(like the new look !!!)

purplepaint said...

This is beautiful! Thanks for entering my blog giveaway! Marva

Linda said...

No wonder you are pleased - those pages are really lovely. Looking forward to seeing whats next.
Linda xx

Linda said...

PS You are in my draw...

Terri said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cool journal page.