Saturday, January 24, 2009

Report Card - Movie & Soul Journal

What a treat we had in the mailbox today! We received our 11 year son's report card. He received all A's and B's! Not that this a surprise, really, as he has always done well, but it always nice to see that he continues his hard work on a regular basis. All of his teaches have always said what a well behaved kid that he is. Reports usually include adjectives like respectful and kind. He has a lot of friends and he and his "football buddies" tend to remain together in their group, but he never seems to leave anyone out. He's been known to be the one to help out the kid(s) having problems, or even sticking up for the ones being bullied. Education is fantastic, but these are the qualities that I'm most proud of him for. The thinks that can't be "taught". The character qualities that will last longer and be more effective than any text book can show him.

We went to a movie today, too. Saw "Ink Heart". I really enjoyed it. We are all readers, and often enjoy the library. I'm the one who loves the atmosphere of a Barnes & Noble or Borders, and could wander, or sit and read or drink fancy named coffees and be lost for hours, so this movie was right up my alley. Yes, it's a kids type movie... but that considered, I still liked it! It's about a book being read out loud and when that is done by certain people... "Silver tongues"... that they can "go into the book" and when they do... someone "comes out of the book".
Anyway.....good flick.

I also completed the next journal prompt. It was more of a texture and background page. It's sort of busy for me...but I like it. The color is hard to see in the picture, but it reminds me of the orange creamsicles we used to eat when we were kids.

Felt good just to get back to my art journal again and I'm going to set some time aside for it tomorrow, too. 'Night all..........

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Anonymous said...

your art journal is rich wilt glowing color.. I'd say a good day all round.