Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Fun

I’ve been so bad with posting on my blog lately. My blog was originally created to keep as my “creative forum” and to keep in touch with all the lovely ladies I’ve met through art – journaling and mixed media. And then Facebook came along and my blog has taken a sever hit.  So I’ve decided – why not merge the two and post my blog links on my Facebook, right?  (everyone say Right!)


Summer so far has consisted of some four-wheeling with the hubby and our youngest son……..

Map picture


Lots of “grandkid time”….  Uncle Alex and Ryleigh…


Some cocktails on the deck with my daughters-in-laws… while our men work






The kids love it when we actually have those moments to sit and relax on the deck, because it means they get to PLAY~!


(Ryleigh and Chayse)


(McKenzie and Chayse)


(Zoey and Ryleigh)


My dear husband has been better about watering the garden that I have and thanks to his efforts, I have some beautiful blooms~!


I think I even saw the dog winking at me over their beauty.



My lovely art chicks… I PPROMISE….. My next post will be some art. Despite not posting or sharing…. I have indeed been creating, ad of course continually being inspired by all of you~!

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lori vliegen said...

it looks like you're having a great summer!!! and i'm so glad you're having fun creating your own little thumbprint family!!! keep creating!!! :))