Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend Deals

I’m a little late in posting about the weekend,  but better late than never, right?

So we had a pretty awesome weekend. Friday night, my hubby had band practice so my twelve year old son and I took advantage of the time and caught a movie that Dad didn’t want to see.  We saw Robin Hood and I loved it~!  I was really surprised that he did too, since it was more “war strategy” than I had anticipated.

We left there – swung through Dairy Queen and finally stopped at the tattoo shop to ask for my “vision” for a new tattoo to be drawn up. (By the way.. the not very successfulness).

Saturday… we dropped our son off to spend the night with his cousin, Sami, while we headed for the casino in Greek town. And for the record….. I did all the winning and came home $20.00 ahead even after dinner, gas and gambling, We left there and picked up my parents from Detroit Metropolitan Airport after a 3.5 week long cruise.  They were both whipped and Dad got that funky cruise ship stomach virus while there and was quarantined for three days!  I’m glad they are home, I know they are, too.

Sunday…. after picking our son back up again, I actually talked my hubby into checking out some GARAGE SALES~!  We don’t do that often… and I never have with as much luck as I did then!


We ended up with some Americana decor… a basket, (I have a slight basket fetish…) some scrap book stuff, a blanket for going to the race track on the weekends, some brand new, never worn shoes, and a brand new music stand for my son’s guitar music.


The best deal yet…..  was a bike for our sweet grand-daughter, Taryn…    for FIVE DOLLARS!    Now she has a bike for Gran and Papa’s house.



Lastly…. I’m currently reading the Diary of Anne Frank.  She said something in her diary that really hit home for me.


“Paper is more patient… than people”

I love it~!     So true… in so many ways….





Mescrap said...

Great deal you got ! 5Dollar for a bike, no way in my area :)

lori vliegen said...

it sounds like you've had some busy days!! congrats on your garage sale finds.....your grand-daughter will have a blast on her new bike!! thanks for stopping by my blog.....i appreciate your sweet comment!! :))

Martha Lever said...

Thanks for the recommendation for Robin Hood. I think I will go see it! Thanks so much for your comment today!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great time. I went to Las Vegas once. We were standing in line at a buffet and my Dad told me to put a quarter in the slot machine. I did, and won $200. He tried to tell me I was on a roll and to play some more....but I stuck that $200 in my pocket and never played again.

Great finds at the garage sales! It's getting too hot in Florida now...so I think I missed most of them for the rest of the summer. :(