Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome to my neighborhood

I see so many posts about people's every day travels and I thought I would introduce everyone to my neighborhood. I've met so many great friends through this blog and I love seeing where other people are from and their daily routines. It seems to help get to know everyone better.

I live in a pretty small township where everyone knows everyone else. Everyone in the community really reaches out to everyone else and I love it here. We are just 15 minutes from the city, and yet just far enough away to feel like we are in a private little world. There is no easy expressway near us and maybe that's why we feel a little "out of the way". We are lucky enough to live right on the dividing road between postal delivery routes, that we get our mail delivered, but the actual post office for the township I'm in, doesn't even have trucks to deliver mail and operates on post office boxes.

Every day, this is the road I travel and it's really pretty in the midst of fall with all the changing colors of leaves lined up against the lake. I wish I had a picture just a month earlier.

"Town" only consists of the post office, the local Family Diner, a McDonald's (who DOESN'T have McDonald's, right?), a library, the local grocery store and a Rite Aid on the corner. That's it and I like it that way!

Our church is located right down the street from our home.....seriously, like, 10 houses down. And this...... our modest little square in the world that belongs to us. It's where all our kids were raised........ our home. (guess I should have raked before I took the picture, huh?)
Hope you enjoyed the tour...... It's going to be a busy week for everyone! Remember what's it's all about this week and take the time to sit quietly and give thanks for all of your blessings!


purplecat said...

Aw thanks for sharing your home and town with us1 I love seeing other peoples part of the world.

morningDove said...

you made me homesick which does not happen too often for my hubby's little country town.
you have a lovely home. take time for family and making a new memory of thanksgiving.