Friday, January 16, 2009

Surprise~! ...and a SJ Page

I came home yesterday to a huge surprise! I had a swap package in from the swap-bot web-site that I belong to. I was way early, and by far the best package I've gotten in a long time. Look at this! The swap was a "journal with a twist" swap. Meaning... you make a journal entry a day, for a month and with each entry, you send an "extra" to go along with it. Wow! Cathy certainly out-did herself!

I received a blanket, 5 teas, 3 mint hot chocolates, a pair of socks and a book. (all perfect for Michigan's -23 degrees!!) There was also a baggie of brads and bottle caps and paper clips, etc.., 2 sets of letter stickers, matching ribbon, some clear acrylic stamps, a mini scrap-book album, a chip-board album, note cards and envelopes, a wooden box to alter and in the box...was more! A necklace with a scrapbook charm, and bracelet to put your own pictures in, flowers, ink and more embellishments! What a wonderful package. I hope Cathy is treated as well by her partner!

I love got another soul journal page done. The prompt was all about texture and adding items that would make some texture, and then adhering it all down with gesso. I used some mesh, a paper flower, and chipboard letter, a foam star, button, lace, a napkin and also I stamped in the gesso as well. I enjoyed it.... but I think I should have used more items. But!! I kind of like how a little color still shows through on some of the items.

Have a wonderful day, ladies~!


Edumentor said...

I love your texture!! I kind of think less is more with this -- so it's good you didn't use more items. And how nice your swap package was!

suze said...

What a nice surprise....great stash!

Christy said...

ooh that swap package rocks. love the subtle hint of color you achieved and how you chose to let it be and not over work it.

Anonymous said...

There is always magic in the sent package. Something that reminds you of older more simpler times..

Anonymous said...

your work is great ( so are you )
I love your journal ( and you )
MOM x x x

notmassproduced said...

wow - a multitude of gorgeousness