Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New finds and New projects

Over the weekend I had some good buys at Hobby Lobby. I've been wanting a water brush from some time now and had a hard time finding one. Gotta love Hobby Lobby! I bought a couple of new stamps and some book rings, too. I want to attempt to make my OWN book. I tend to buy journals, or alter old or found books, but I think make my own book with my own cool papers in it, would be fun! We'll see how it goes. I have so many "plans" and "ideas" and due to lack of time, I never seem to accomplish as much as what is in my head.

Next, we were off to Office Max! My son's binders were falling apart and he wanted new binders and a messenger bag to carry them in. We found a great binder at Office Max that zips closed, has two separate binder rings and dividers with pencil & calculate, etc... storage. It also has a strap on it, so it can be carried much like a messenger bag. He's happy and I'm happy we didn't have to search and search for "just the right messenger bag" that he wanted.

And finally, I worked A LITTLE BIT, on a project that I feel completely overwhelmed by. We are forming an "in-betweeners" group at church. No - that's not right. An in-betweeners group has already existed for some time but has never really "taken off". There seems to be quite a bit of interest in it lately, so we have decided a "purpose" for the group other than a bunch of people of the same "middle-age", hanging out, getting to know each other and having fun. We are going to be the group to "fill needs". We will have both "in-church" and "out-reach". This will include, the elderly who need their driveway shoveled. The hospital bound, who just needs a visit, someone recovery from illness and needs meals delivered, and of course, the ones hit with financial hardship.

Well.... I decided I'd be a part of the committee and they have asked me to decorate the "board" in the church, so that everyone is aware of us, what we do and they will know who to come to (and some sort of "box", too, for anonymity).

This board is 8 FEET x 4 FEET!!! No pun intended.... but HOLY MOLY!

I've never worked on anything bigger than 12x12 INCHES!! Boy do I have my work cut out for me!


purplecat said...

I do wish I had shops like hobby lobby here!
I think your book will be lovely.
I hope the in-betweeners goes well, as for the board, they would not of asked had they not thought you could do it! go girl!

LaY hOoN said...

I wish to see your book.


I'm so glad that you be the committee of the in-betweeners group, and feel so excited want to see the board. I believe in you that you able to work on 8 feet x 4 feet like what you did on the 12x12.

Anne said...

Hi, Sandy! What a great opportunity to branch out and try a new larger format! Good luck! :-)

purplecat said...

Sandy, drop by my blog, I have nominated you for an award!