Monday, December 15, 2008

Time with my daughter

Yesterday, after church, our daughter came over for a few hours for some help with a "prop" for when she sings in the Christmas Crescendo that I talked about here. One of the songs she will be singing is Santa Baby, and she wanted to make it fun. The song talks about the greedy, material things she wishes for, so we made a poster board with a Christmas list and all the items that is asked for, in the song. It turned out cute... I think she's happy with it.

I think the part I enjoyed the most is just having time to sit and talk to her. She, too, is a new stop-mom, and was nice talking as two adults, rather than mother/daughter, about how it can be both frustrating and rewarding, being a step-mom and how much you love and yet how in the end, you are truly limited in the comforts that you can offer (and sometimes the discipline, too! lol)
She (and her brothers...) have always sort of teased me about scrapbooking and making art. In the middle of our "project" she said .... "This is fun!" She's played with making ATC's in the past, more out of shear boredom at that moment, but I think (or maybe that she really likes being creative and just won't admit it!☺


Scrappy Cat said...

The poster is really cute. And the time spent with our children is truly special, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Dont you love it when family members finally "get" what you do? Well done for converting another one!